Software requirements are rising

With software becoming an integral part of everyday life, people depend on engineers designing reliable systems and effective algorithms


Software is expensive. Requirements are constantly changing. In order for applications to succeed, they need to have an evolvable architecture to stand the test of time.


With the amount of data being generated exploding, software engineers need to leverage Big Data technologies and Cloud Computing platforms in order to build systems that are reliable no matter the load.

Highly Available

Minutes of downtime can cause immense damages. Services being available has become the norm, and consumers are expecting to be served anywhere and at any time.

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Hi, my name is Maresch Maximilian. I’m studying Computer Science at the Vienna University of Technology and I’m a Software Engineer at Erste Digital where I develop data-intensive APIs and cloud-native Microservices for George, the digital banking platform powered by Erste Group with more than 8 million users in 6 European countries. On this blog I write about System Design, Algorithms and Software Architecture. My goal is to share what I’m learning about architecting and implementing software projects and to help others in building the next generation of applications. If you’re interested then you might want to explore my blog posts and projects.

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Build reliable software architectures. Implement effective algorithms.

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